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Bandon Business Association Goals & Objectives

  • The strength of BBA lies in it's members and their input - through support and involvement. We aim to launch our membership subscription in January 2019 and grow that membership continuously. More members means a louder voice for Bandon - and more longer term benefits to all members.

  • We aim to modernise the image of Bandon through a new, active online presence. A new Bandon town website will launch in January 2019, profiling and promoting all members businesses and the town as a whole.

  • We will build a close working relationship with Cork County Council and any other relevant local authorities to stay informed of any issues impacting Bandon and of grants or funding that can be made available for the betterment of the town and it's business community.

  • We will strive to keep all members informed and up to date on all BBA matters, local issues, and any topics that are relevant to Bandon town and BBA members.

  • Sub-committee working groups will form to manage specific events, services and responsibilities such as Christmas lights, flooding, TPREP, sewage scheme, urban improvement etc.

  • We will provide a a forum for dialogue between BBA members, interested parties and the general public

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