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Formed in 2018, Bandon Business Association is a group of like-minded businesses working together to improve Bandon and to help drive the future of this great town.

Selected working parties tackle issues from flooding, parking, increased trading and Christmas shopping, business promotion, getting Bandon online, open and transparent communication and discussion between the entire cooperative business community of Bandon.

We are Stronger Together.

BBA Stats
  • Initial Group Meeting June 2018

  • First AGM 12th September 2018

  • BBA Committee formed 12th September 2018

  • BBA 1st Chairperson - Frank O'Leary

  • Membership from January 1st 2019

Why Join BBA?

  • The collective voices of Bandon businesses will have more power in dealing with local authorities, county council, government etc. (ie: We are Stronger Together)

  • As a member of BBA, you will automatically be a listed sponsor of all BBA sponsored events

  • Your business will be profiled, promoted and advertised on Bandon's new town website, launching in January 2019

  • We will actively promote business to business services between members

  • Access, post and reply to various topics on the online Bandon Business forum

  • Regular email updates from BBA on progress, networking events, local authority issues, new ideas, goals and objectives

  • Join our working groups/sub-committees to help BBA in achieving our goals and help drive Bandon's future

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